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Customer Feedback

"Good communication and fast shipping. Would certainly use again." - John W.

"I received quick reply's to my email inquiries and I appreciated a pretty fast turn around, and I was happy that I was able to order and receive the correct part with the use of a friendly user website." - James H.

"This is the second time I used this store online and the service from start to finish was excellent!" - Sandra B.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I know I'll get the exact product for my model laptop?

A:  When you order from Laptop Rescue, you know you'll get the correct item for your laptop because we utilize a huge database and software system that can match the specifications of every known model of laptop to the correct product you order.  Plus, our expert technicians constantly monitor and check orders to ensure correct product matching. While our products are not made by the original manufacturer of the laptop, they are guaranteed to meet or exceed your laptop's minimum requirements and last for the lifetime of the laptop.

Q: What is the return and warranty policy?  

A:  All products from Laptop Rescue carry a full replacement warranty plus a 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Many of our laptop chargers carry a limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty (see warranty information in description of each product).   For full warranty details and restrictions, visit: www.Laptop Rescue/warranty/

Q: What is included with each AC laptop charger / ac adapter?  

A:  In each laptop charger / ac adapter package you will receive both an AC power adapter with the correct connector specifically for your model laptop, plus an AC power cord (normally detachable) which plugs into any regular home AC power outlet.  The total combined length of the power adapter (including both cords) is normally a minimum of 48 inches.  Longer cords are available for most of our products.


Q:  What is the length of each AC power cord?  

A:  The length varies depending on the exact model laptop and power adapter, however the vast majority of our laptop chargers / ac cords are a minimum combined length of 48 inches (4 feet).  It is very easy to extend one of our AC Power Adapters because 99% of them include a detachable power cord (from wall outlet to adapter); therefore to achieve a greater length, you simply replace this low cost component with a longer cord (available as an add-on option for most our products).  

Q: How are laptop chargers / ac adapters classified and rated?

A:  The laptop for which the ac adapter will be used requires certain specifications for the power adapter/charger. The most important specification to match your laptop is the output voltage, which should be within +- .5 volts.  Another specification is the output amperage which should meet OR EXCEED the minimum requirement of the laptop.  A higher amperage power adapter than your laptop's minimum requirement is perfectly fine, in fact better, because the adapter will be taxed less and run cooler.  And then there is the specification of overall wattage, which is simply a calculation of the volts multiplied by the amps.  You can normally locate the laptop’s exact specifications on the bottom of the unit (classified as “input” requirements).

Q: Will I receive a universal power adapter / charger?  

A: In most cases you'll receive a power adapter specific to your exact model laptop, not a generic universal power adapter.  In rare cases however (for some uncommon model laptops), we may provide a universal power adapter guaranteed to be fully compatible with your model if an exact match adapter is not available.  

Q:  Does it matter if the volts, amperage or wattage the replacement product is different than the original product?

A: For laptop batteries is is completely normal for the voltages to vary slightly.  For instance, batteries of 10.8V and 11.1V are 100% cross compatible.  Likewise, 14.4 and 14.8 volt are also 100% compatible.  Some laptops can even range all the way from 10.8 to 14.8 volt (not all).  Also, do not be confused by the input rating printed on the bottom of the laptop.  This rating is for the AC power input only and does not apply to batteries.  For instance it is completely normal to have a 19V input rating for AC adapter and an 11.1V battery.  

For laptop ac adapters/chargers, it's normal for voltage to vary by no more than +- .5 volts. However, the output amperage (different than volts) of the power adapter should meet OR EXCEED the minimum requirement of the laptop.  A higher amperage power adapter than your laptop's minimum requirement is perfectly fine, in fact better, because the adapter will be taxed less and run cooler.  And since total wattage is simply a calculation of the amperage multiplied by the voltage, a higher wattage is also fine provided the output voltage matches your laptop’s specifications (within +- .5 volts).

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